Seeks the highest quality at every stage of production, from design to manufacturing all processes have a high standard of quality. Each product, from the table to the furniture, has its logical form and purpose but at the same time it is unique and valuable. Making any environment a special space, unmistakable and, above all, able to excite.  
Using the inlay technique with different types of wood, even colored, from briar root, to maple, up to natural woods with metallic inserts as steel, copper, brass , we have embellish a product which is considered unique in internal furniture and design.
Only the best of the last 25 years
Zaccone –Design is the company that has transformed inlay and traditional furniture, often static and repetitive, into something new, and able to stimulate interest and imagination from the customer. Retaining the best products in the last 25 years we wanted to renew the production concept, resulting from new research and the consolidation of acquired experience
Craft work accuracy is supported using the most modern tools and machinery. So each product is created from detailed analysis of the design, from the choice of raw materials and a strong quality control in all its procedures: wood, metal, polishing, up to packaging.
There is therefore, in the Zaccone-Design products, a double purpose: a modern and functional form and an artistic quality through inlays, colors and metallic inserts.